With SEO agencies charging anywhere from $250 to $2500 per month, who do you choose?

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I’ve figured out how it works

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You have just one question in your mind- Do I need SEO? What should I look out for when hiring a SEO agencyOk, maybe two questions.

You meet with SEO agencies who proceed to bombard you with terms like Robots.txtDomain AuthorityXML sitemap, and CTR. Sure they sound smart and professional- but what does it all mean for your business?

I can spew technical stuff like the best of them, but I’d rather focus on telling you how I can help you achieve your business objectives, what you can expect SEO to do for your website, and how much it costs. 

Effective Search Engine Optimization:

It isn’t what you use, but how you use it.

Effective Search Engine Optimization:

It isn’t what you use, but how you use it.


Understand your business

A successful SEO campaign is one that can help you to achieve your business goals. To do that, I have to first get to know more about you, your brand identity, and the services and products you’re selling. 

Research your competition

I take our competitor research very seriously- so seriously that I will provide you with a  detailed analysis of your competitors’ web traffic, what’s their Search Engine Marketing strategy, and just how you can compete with them.

Psychoanalyze your customers

I delve into the minds of your potential customers to analyze their search engine behaviour, and how we can target them not only through direct keywords related to your business, but other creative and effective ways.

No fuss, no frills.

Just one plan that works. 


Search Engine Optimized Content

I’ll create one SEO-optimised article each week that would help drive traffic to your website.

Competitor Benchmarking

Stay up to date with how your competitors’ websites are performing against yours.

SEO Blueprint and Strategy

Get access to a clear project plan that explains how I will improve your search engine results.

Brand Visibility Audit

Asssessment of your brand’s current search engine ranking, market positioning, strengths and weakness.


Weekly Analytics and Report

Keep track of the progress and ROI of your SEO campaign with our weekly updates and reports

Press Release Distribution

One of the fastest way to boost your search engine rankings, I will write and distribute your press release. 

Keyword Research and Strategy

Data-based keyword strategy that identifies the terms and phrases that would drive highly targeted traffic to your website.


Technical On-Site SEO

Every page in your website will be search engine optimised: from your site layout to your site code.

Social Media Audit

I’ll provide recommendations on how your social media content can be improved to maximise the impact of your SEO campaign.

* My SEO plans have a minimum initial period of 3 months as that’s the time it would take to start seeing results from your SEO campaign. 

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